Knitted Fabrics

For this new version of the site, we have decided to separate the Woven and Knit Fabrics for more visibility and to simplify your visit ! You can go further in your search by print, color etc. ... thanks to the different filters.


Knit is THE Portuguese specialty, a big Fashion names but also many Designers are producing here! It is unfortunately a fabric that often scares seamstresses, yet with good tricks and a little patience you can reach to sew really quickly beautiful and super comfortable garments!


The word Knit includes all the knitted fabrics, these stretchy "fabrics" we use to make T-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, dresses etc. ... As for Woven there are different types of knits and they result by knitting different yarns together! (To make it super easy it is EXACTLY the same principle as when you knit a sweater yourself, except that the needles are transformed into an industrial machine ;-)) ...) The main Knit types are Jersey, Rib and Interlock !  And after like for Woven comes the compositions Cotton, Viscose, Polyester etc ... To know if a Knit is suitable to sew a Top or Dress you will need to consider the composition, the WEIGHT and the elasticity.


If you want to know more, have a look on our Blog where we publish posts dedicated to the different fabrics!


We select the fabrics we offer according to the following criteria:



The Quality,

Provenance, (country and manufacturing conditions)

The price!


Trends, an important criterion for us! Today most of the seamstresses are active women who are interested and get inspired by fashion, while it has to match their style. And that's what's great about Sewing, you can create your own Trendy outfits according to your desires and style, but for that you need Trendy fabrics.


Quality, that's non-negotiable! If a fabric does not meet our criteria, it will simply not join our selection!


The origin of the Fabrics, even if it's possible to find very beautiful fabrics all over the world, we always try to go for local sourcing ! To maintain the employment in the industry in our aria but also and maybe above all in relation to our ecological footprint! We all have a responsibility for the future we are charting for the planet and future generations. It is also this perspective that pushes us to indicate the origin of the fabric for each reference.


The Price, having a background and many years of experience in the textile industry, it is also a criterion on which we do not compromise! The price must be fair and adapted to all budgets, that's why we decided to offer attractive prices for basics and acceptable prices for more "special" items.


One thing you can be sure is that all our Sweet fabrics, Jersey, Punto Roma, French Terry, Scuba are selected and treated with lots of LOVE!