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Dots & Graphic Foliage Viscose Voile Fabric

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Dots & Graphic Foliage Viscose Voile Fabric 

0.99 EUR 


Sold by multiple of 10 cm
Fabric will be delivered in one piece

9.90 € / meter
Made in Portugal

Yvonne's Opinion :
This print has been created to be used in the wrap direction (the opposite side of the width) and not on the weft ! For sure you can use it in the classic direction, but the potential of the print will not be fully used ;-)) ! That's my opinion right ;-)) !
Beautiful Dots & Foliage Print, really original with the Foliage and graphic element who will be sublimated by a long and simple shape, like a Skirt or a Dress.
It is a light, soft and fluide Viscose, without being sliperry !

Slightly transparent middleweight viscose voile fabric, perfect to sew Tops and Accessories. Dress and Skirt ( plan a lining )

100 % Viscose            

Weight : 125 gr / m²                     Width : 140 cm
Colors : Ochre, Burgundy, Navy, Green, White, Black

Pattern Size :
Dots : 110 mm x 110 mm
Foliage : 700 mm x 700 mm

Care :     

We selected below a few patterns who would be perfect for this fabric.

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