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Checked Wool / Alpaga / Mohair Blend Coating Fabric

Tweed - Woollen Fabrics

Checked Wool / Alpaga / Mohair Blend Coating Fabric 

6.09 EUR 


Sold by multiple of 10 cm
Fabric will be delivered in one piece

60.90 € / meter
Made in Portugal

Yvonne's Opinion : This Checked Coating Blend is just a Stunner !! I think I have my season's favorite here ;-))
Every composition of this Premium Blend, brings it's own properties, Wool
makes the fabric resistant and will keep you warm, Alpaga, gives lightness and it's unbelievably softness, Mohair makes it souple and slightly shinny and thanks to Polyester the fabric is a little less expensive than it would be without, even if I agree we are at the top of Coating Wool !
It will be perfect to sew a Jacket, an Overshirt, or a Cape. You can also use the fabric to sew a Beautiful Jumper or Cardigan, as long as the pattern are adapted for Woven fabrics ;-)), the Pullover could be for example I am Sirius from I am Pattern, and the cardi could be Jone from Prülla.

This fabric is issued from a production made for a Premium Ready to Wear brand #upcycling
We are anxious to have your opinion and discover your makes ;-)) #thesweetmercerie

Middleweight woollen fabric, perfect to sew Jacket, Coat, Sweater, Cardigan and Accessories.
40 % Wool / 22 % Alpaga / 22 % Mohair / 16 % Polyester     

Weight : 260 gr / m²                     Width : 148 cm
Colors : Off White, Black

Pattern Size : 60 mm x 80 mm
Care :     


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